Uncirculated Morgan

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you trade in Morgan silver dollars at a bank?

I have a few hundred Morgan silver dollars and Peace silver dollars. I need money that I can spend right now more than I need a coin collection. So I was wondering if I could take these coins to the bank and trade them for their face value. Even though they're no longer in circulation they are still legal tender.
Of course, I would'nt want to do this with my nicer Morgans that are graded, since they're worth far more than their face value.

Best Answer...


You wouldn't want to do this as the price of sliver is far greater than face value. Find a coin broker in your area or put it up on ebay. You'll find people who will pay far more than face value. I just bought some uncirculated Morgans for a little more than $20 a piece.